Britain will be welcome back in European Union after Brexit, says Juncker


Varadkar defended his government's appeal to European Union courts but said it would respect whatever decision the judges made and would start collecting the tax in the second quarter.

Leo Varadkar made it clear that commitments in the Brexit negotiations so far need to be upheld.

The Taoiseach told MEPs that he wanted the United Kingdom to keep its ties to Europe as close and as deep as possible while protecting the EU's internal market and the Customs Union.

Mr Varadkar said Ireland was contemplating a future without the foundation for the accord.

Leo Varadkar addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg this morning and Nigel accused him of putting his love of the EU ahead of his voters.

In Tuesday's meeting, the commission signaled that the U.K.'s refusal to sign up to European Court of Justice jurisdiction, and other obligations under EU law, risked it having the same relationship in aviation as the EU now has with the USA and Canada, a person familiar with the discussions said. "Absolutely not. But I fear that you are all working together with Tony Blair and Nick Clegg to make sure we get the worst possible deal", he said, referring to the former prime minister and former deputy prime minister who have campaigned for a new vote to keep Britain in.

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The Department of An Taoiseach declined to respond to Mr Wilson's comments.

"No. Not involved in any plots with anyone", he said.

"I would not want to push anyone into a corner", he said.

If the British government wants to chart another course, "we are very much willing to deal with them", he said. officials have been emboldened by a signal last week from Nigel Farage, one of the protagonists of the Brexit campaign that helped persuade 52 percent of United Kingdom voters in 2016 to opt for leaving the bloc, that he would support a second referendum. "It would kill off the issue for a generation once and for all", he said on Twitter.

"Once the British have left under Article 50 there is still Article 49 which allows a return to membership and I would like that", he told MEPs.

"The British people, the British Government, may wish to find a different way out of the Brexit situation and we are very much willing to deal with them. I think that would be counter-productive".