Apple's new iOS 11.3 update, here's all you need to know


The new battery features will be available to customers with iPhone 6 or later devices, while opting out of dynamic power management will be available to users with various models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.

Before you dive right in with the pre-release version of iOS 11.3, note that early iOS software isn't for everyone.

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 11.3 is the option to disable device throttling to save the battery. A bear, a dragon, skull, and lion will join the list of 16 animated characters. These can be found in Settings - Battery and are available for iPhone 6 and later. Those AR improvements will enable users to place virtual objects on virtual surfaces and integrate two-dimensional images into three-dimensional AR experiences.

This feature allows consumers to communicate with businesses via messaging. Apple should eat its own dog food here and put Apple Support on Business Chat, much as it has with Twitter.

The feature, which will be available to iPhone and Apple Watch owners once the iOS 11.3 update rolls out later this year, stands to completely change how people access and track their medical history and care.

Animojis feature was exclusively introduced on the iPhone X. You can send live animojis created by your phone to your friends and loved ones to make fun time.

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Apple on Wednesday unveiled new features that will become available when iOS 11.3 is released this spring. Plus, with the update, Apple will inform users if their battery needs to be serviced.

The new Business Chat app comes with support from select businesses, including Discover, Hilton, Lowe's, and Wells Fargo.

While videos can also be stored on iCloud and streamed by other users, Apple limits the clip length to five minutes.

Now, consumers will have medical information from various institutions organized into one view covering allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals, and will receive notifications when their data is updated. Plenty of bug fixes with more stable user interface will be provided with this new iOS update for the above mentioned devices.

This guide assumes you are performing these steps using an iOS device, which is recommended for simplicity. Now it it easier to update to stay up to date to the most important videos on Apple News with the new video group in option.

HomeKit software authentication will allow developers to add HomeKit support to existing accessories while protecting security and privacy.