Wagner helped document the star for designation


For the 78th year, the Palmer Lake Star will again shine from Sundance Mountain and decorate the front range for the Christmas season. This is the first year the star is listed on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.

Unfortunately, Tim Wagner, who was instrumental in work that enabled that designation, won’t be able to share in the success in Palmer Lake this year.

“I was a member of the Palmer Lake Historical Society Board with honor of preparing the star’s nomination for the register. Many folks assisted me including Tim Wagner, a Palmer Lake surveyor who completed a comprehensive survey of the star back in January 2009. Additionally, just before I met with the State Historical Preservation Board, Tim helped me answer several last minute questions they asked me. Sadly and suddenly, Tim passed away on January 20, 2013, two days after the board unanimously voted to list the Palmer Lake Star as a prestigious Colorado historical site, “ Jack Anthony said.

“Tim Wagner’s 2009 survey was comprehensive and required him to traipse all over Sundance Mountain with his survey gear. The five-point Palmer Lake Star is comprised of 91 40-watt vibration resistant light bulbs and is built on a 14-acre site on Sundance Mountain. Tim determined Sundance had a 58 percent slope. He sure verified that steepness as he learned every inch of the star. Tim precisely determined the star 404.8 feet tall, 457.3 feet wide and 434.3 feet on the diagonal. He stepped up with his survey skills and passion for the star and helped ensure we were ready for the board with impressive data. Using Tim’s survey data I can say the Palmer Lake Star is the largest outdoor star in the world.”

The Palmer Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s annual chili supper and star lighting is scheduled for Nov. 30 at the town hall.

Anthony created a pamphlet to commemorate Wagner’s contribution.

“I dedicate the pamphlet to the memory of Tim Wagner, who knows the star like no one else and who today gazes upon it from heaven above.”

Tim’s wife, Joy says Tim would have been very excited to share in the success.

“He was a very giving person.” Joy said. “It was one of his Legacy projects,” adding that he also was working to document rights of way for Palmer Lake all the way from the railroad bridge in Monument through town.

Tim was very proud to have earlier located the long lost center section marker for Palmer Lake Section 5, marked originally when the town was laid out in 1886.