Some like it hot, really hot


I just returned from a weekend soaking in one of the many hot springs that are located around the state of Colorado.

Colorado is home to many hot springs and it's the perfect way to enjoy a little stay-cation, even if it's only for the weekend. Hot springs pools can be found all over the world but it's nice when they are just a few hours away.

My husband and I bid on a gift certificate for a one night stay at a resort in Pagosa Springs during a silent auction. It was definitely worth it. We had access to 23 soaking pools 24 hours a day. The only regret we had was not reserving an extra night.

Summer is now gone so there's no more camping and rafting trips, trips to the amusement parks or picnics in the mountains. Soon fall will give away to winter and it will be ski and snowboard season so what else is there to do but visit a hot springs.

One can find hot springs all over the state. People frequent Glenwood Springs, Buena Vista, Nathrop, Ouray, Steamboat Springs and Penrose to soak. I just wish there was one in the Tri-Lakes area. Palmer Lake and Monument would be the perfect place for hot springs but if there hasn't been one found now I doubt there will ever be. The Native Americans most likely would have discovered them.

Palmer Lake has ice caves so having a hot springs would be the perfect touch. And just think of the tourists that it would bring to the area.

People soak in a hot springs for the therapeutic benefits they receive from the minerals in the water. Some of the benefits it is supposed to provide can include relieving symptoms of arthritis, normalizing heart rhythms, reducing high blood pressure, eliminating body toxins, boosting the immune system, preventing fatigue, and promoting wound healing and increasing resistance to stress and disease. People have boasted of the miraculous benefits of the water.

However, long exposure to the waters can cause dizziness, nausea and fainting.

The water in a hot springs pool comes from geothermal groundwater from the earth's crust. Temperatures can vary but are usually above 98 degrees Fahrenheit. The pool we soaked in was 103 degrees Fahrenheit. That seems really hot and it is but when the temperature outside was not quite 40 degrees it felt really good. One pool was 110 degrees. Too hot for me but some people were soaking in it. Hot springs near volcanic areas tend to be near the boiling point and aren't safe to get in.

Most of the hot springs in the United States are found west of Kansas although there are a few in Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas.

So the next time you want to plan a weekend get-a-way with the family or just a romantic weekend for two consider visiting the hot springs resorts in the state.



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