Palmer Lake talks water restrictions


In an effort by the town to conserve water Palmer Lake residents will soon be seeing water restrictions enforced.

Beginning May 15 until September 30 there will be odd/even watering days. Odd number addresses, both residential and commercial, will be permitted to water landscapes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and even number addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There will be no landscape watering permitted on Sundays whatsoever.

The hours in which residents can water their landscapes from is limited to the hours of 6 p.m. to 10 a.m.

Palmer Lake Trustee Max Stafford has attended many meetings with Monument on the watering issue and brought the ordinance before the town council at the town workshop May 5. 

Stafford said the restrictions have nothing to do with power washing a deck or washing a car.

“This is about irrigation, landscaping,” Stafford said.

The ordinance is similar to what the town of Palmer Lake had in place six years ago. Stafford said it was discussed whether or not to implement restrictions year-round but decided to keep it seasonal.

“It’s a seasonal thing but it’s not just for this year,” he added.

Trustee Nikki McDonald said that water restrictions are going to be a way of life.

One resident spoke up and said the last time the town put watering restrictions in place water consumption went up. Stafford agreed, saying that just because they were restricted people that normally didn’t water were out watering on the permitted days. 

 “(The restrictions) will be a new thing for awhile and water consumption will probably go up but it’s the beginning of the reality of life that we need to conserve water in Colorado because it’s our life blood,” Stafford said.

Mayor John Cressman said the community will have to police each other.

Water restrictions apply to residents and business owners on town water only — not well water. The state controls well water and has its own restrictions in place.

There was some confusion among the trustees on the time people can water. For example according to the way the ordinance was written they weren’t sure if even numbers can start watering at 6 p.m. on even days until 10 a.m. on odd days or if they could only water until midnight.

Cressman said more work needed to be done on the ordinance to alleviate any confusion. Stafford said he will talk to Monument because it is important the ordinances for both towns are worded the same.

Town Council Vacany

Members of town council interviewed Dr. Michael Maddox, interim director of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, for one of two vacant town council positions. Bryan Jack and Joe Polonsky have recently vacated their seats on the town council.

Maddox applied for a position on council. And although he hasn’t sat on a town council before he has a lot of experience working with town councils and governments, both nationally and internationally, through events he has organized. Maddox was an event coordinator for 17 years.

“He’s so connected and so well networked and it’s a perfect fit for him. He really has a heart for this community,” said Cressman, who also sits on the board for the TLCA.

“I was asked to participate in this endeavor and I’d be happy to serve the community, serve the people in this area. I love Palmer Lake and would like to do all that I can to make sure everybody prospers,” Maddox said.


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