Opponents of Measure 3A say ‘too much, no caps’


Opponents of Measure 3A, the mill levy override for Lewis-Palmer School District 38 funding on the November ballot, say the district is asking for “way too much” and that there are “no controls.”

David Cloud, a representative of Direction 38, a group that has opposed this, and previous mill levy override funding measures, was asked to boil down the groups concerns Friday.

“It is too much, with no limits,” said Cloud Friday. “I might have supported the measure with a smaller amount, and a Mill cap.”

Cloud suggested that others might have different reasons for opposing the measure, but his opposition is rooted in the district not considering a cap of perhaps 50 mills overall.

Hilary Brendemuhl, also with Direction 38, cited the hardship on the local business community and the still difficult economy as reasons for her opposition.

“There are so many people on fixed incomes in this community that can’t afford this,” says Brendemuhl, and identifies the higher rate business would have to pay because of the previous passage of the Gallagher Amendment. The amendment was enacted in 1982 concerning property tax assessments, and sets what some say is a disproportionate burden on business owners.

She suggests some businesses may not survive the increase, or be able to pass it on as costs of doing business, and also says some of her concerns are related to “trust issues” with district officials and the board.


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