Local trainer wants to help people lose weight and make healthy choices


One local trainer is very passionate about seeing people lead healthy lives. So passionate in fact that he's willing to help five people, free of charge, transform themselves.

Robbie Pickett, general manager of Anytime Fitness in Monument, is searching for five people to take part in his Healthy Transformation Challenge. He's wants people who want to lose a large amount of weight, at least 50 pounds.
“I want to show the community what we can do and help these people get healthy and fit,” Pickett said.
Pickett said a lot of people won't go to a gym because they are embarrassed and many even go as far as pulling into the parking lot but just sit in their cars and then drive away because a low self-esteem stops them from going in.
“I will be with them and for them,” he added.
Pickett said he will interview those interested because he wants to know their story and where their hearts are. He wants people who truly want to make a lifestyle change. The five people he picks must commit to a 6 month program. He will conduct a before and after assessment which will include pictures. He will also work around their schedules. They don't have to members of Anytime Fitness.
Pickett will show them how to use the gym equipment, help them establish a routine and educate them on what they are eating, the calorie content and what it will take for them to work it off.
“I want to help people get into a good routine. I want them to be healthy and transform. It will be a challenge for them and me,” Pickett said.
Pickett is a certified personal trainer and has been dedicated to physical fitness for nearly 30 years. When he was in the military he worked with those who were injured and helped them get back in shape so they could pass the physical fitness test.
He has plans to go back to school for his master's degree in either counseling, psychology or behavior management.
“I'm excited to find these five people and watch them transform. We're showing the community that if you put your mind to it, it can be done,” Pickett said.
His long-term goal is to find people who can become trainers, whether it is full-time or on the side, and give back to the community.
If anyone is interested in Pickett's Healthy Transformation Challenge contact him at 719-487-1979. The challenge is scheduled to begin Nov. 1.
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