Gleneagle Golf ponders uncertain future

The Palms Restaurant is closing this month


When you go to the Gleneagle Golf Club web site the first thing you see are four photos of the picturesque golf course.

You can also click on a link to the Palms Restaurant web page, which the site advertises as being open.

Not anymore.

This month, the restaurant will close, leaving the 40-year-old golf club a wasteland.

“It’s not a surprise that the restaurant is closing,” said Ken Judd, who sits on the board of the Gleneagle Civic Association. “Restaurants have a short shelf life.

“These guys did very little advertising and the restaurant never was connected to the Gleneagle community.”

Judd is the point man who many Gleneagle residents look to for answers related to the future of the master planned community.

“I’m also very interested to know what going on out there,” a concerned Judd said. “I still think the most likely scenario is that someone will buy it as a golf course and put the money into it and fix it up.”

Judd was much more optimistic a few months ago when club general manager Rick Evelo and property owner Miles Scully announced that golf course would be closing Nov. 1.

But Scully, whose office is in San Diego, has not returned Judd’s telephone calls. The Tribune tried reaching Scully, but he did not return phone calls.

“I think we have a right to know what’s going on,” Judd said. “But maybe that’s more of a moral right.

“It’s is a private business and I respect that.”

The Gleneagle golf course is owned and operated by MCTN LLC, a Nevada limited liability company set up by Atlanta-based Mad River Holdings Inc. and the Miles and Denise Scully Trust. MCTN LLC purchased the 135.4-acre course in 2003 for $825,000, according to records supplied by the El Paso County Assessor’s Office and the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.

Judd said that rumors were circulating all over the community recently after Donala Water and Sanitation sent a survey crew out to one of the fairways. Judd received calls from concerned Gleneagle residents who thought the Donala survey crew was actually a land developer.

“The immediate concern you hear from residents is property values,” Judd said. “Speculation is running wild. I’ve heard that property values have declined by $25,000 to $30,000.

“When buildings are empty, or in this case an entire golf course, it’s inevitable the vandalism occurs. That is not good for the community no matter how you cut it.”

Evelo has had very little to say on the current or future state of the course.

“There are a lot of possibilities,” Evelo said. “Hopefully we do hear something sooner than later.”

Last October, about 45 residents of Gleneagle community showed up at the Gleneagle Civic Association general meeting to get more information on the closure of the golf course. Judd shared what he knew, specifically citing a development agreement between Scully’s company and the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County in May 2010.

“(Scully) expressed an interest to turn the driving range into town homes to create capital for the golf course,” Judd said in reference to the agreement with the County.

The agreement, which was signed May 27, 2010, allows Scully’s company to develop the driving range at any point. However, the agreement also states that the rest the course’s 135-plus acres cannot be developed until at least May 2020.


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Dear Mr. Judd,

Last night one of my regular customer brought to my attention the article that you were quoted in the Tri Lakes Tribune, speaking about my restaurant and I have several issues with what you were quoted as saying.

In the article you were quoted as referring to us as "those guys." Which brings about the question do you even know my name? Karen's name? Do you even know who Karen is? If not, how could you possibly speak intelligently about my restaurant or say that I have not connected with the community? Do you know we have two boys age nine and twelve? It sounds to me you don't even know us or our restaurant.

You were quoted in the article as saying "these guys did very little advertising....."

Can you tell me or do you know of the advertising I have done? Did you know that the months from March to June of last year, our first four months open, we did over 2500 direct mailing 4x6 glossy post cards which covered a 1 mile radius around the club, 2500 homes? Did you know that we advertised in the Pikes Peak View coupon circular that goes out to over 50,000 homes located in north springs and Monument, we did that three times? Did you know that me and my manager Terry personally went door to door to over 500 homes in the Gleneagle area and passed out flyers in the month of August? Did you know that one of my employees spent two days outside the Walmart handing out almost 1,000 flyers in the month of September? Did you know that we made over 500 bags of popcorn and stapled a special carry-out menu and delivered them to places like progressive insurance, real estate offices, law offices and other local business' within a 2 mile radius? Did you know that I installed solar lighting to the three main signs along Gleneagle drive? Did you know that I had made three large banners advertising football specials and hung them up around gleneagle drive? Did you know that I have an email list of over 100 people that we send an email out about once a month to promote specials? Did you know that for big events the club will let me use their email list of over 4,000 people to promote holiday parties and such?

You were also quoted as saying that the "restaurant was never connected to the community." Am I to assume that giving you a place to hold monthly HOA meetings does not constitute trying to make a connection? Am I to assume that the four local bridge groups that would each come in once a week was not making a community connection? Am I to assume that you think that special events like "family date night", poker night, four new tv's for football Sundays, happy hour, lower cost menu, remodeled dining room and a menu that had more selection as apposed to just Italian food was not an attempt to connect with the community? Was increasing the member discount from 10% to 15% not an attempt to connect with the local community? Do you not think that kids eat free Mon-Thurs was not a good program for the community?

Mr Judd, unless there has been a huge misunderstanding between you and the reporter/editor of this article in the Tri Lakes Tribune, you have been quoted in a paper about a subject you know nothing about. This is not a matter of you being mis-quoted or a matter that you mis-spoke, its a matter of you talking about a subject you know nothing about. Karen and I have poured our hearts and souls into this restaurant, we have made huge sacrifices, next time you want to shoot your mouth off about something that is going to be published for others to read you better know what you are talking about. Not one single person contacted me about this article or my side of it, I will be taking this up with the editor of this "newspaper".

David and Karen

Owners of the Palms

Thursday, January 23, 2014 | Report this