Community rallies around bookstore


Despite a recent break-in and burglary on Sunday, July 28, store owner Tommie Plank knows that the locally-owned bookstore is loved.

She knows that because of the Tri-Lakes area community’s response.

“I find is so touching that this community has embraced this store,” said Plank last week.

Customers, other businesses, and community members have been calling all week, bringing more books, making donations, and writing checks to help replace what was taken from them during the break-in.

The store is celebrating its 20th anniversary, in addition to a special book drive designed to offset losses for Black Forest elementary school children.

In fact, that is how they discovered the break-in that weekend, when Covered Treasures employee Paula Primavera stopped to pick up any books that were donated and left at the store’s door.

So far, as of Thursday, July 1, the drive has secured 2,472 books and additional cash, to distribute to students at Edith Wolford Elementary and Kilmer Elementary who lost everything in the Black Forest Fire.

“It was terrible,” said Monument resident Mike Wicklund, who was writing a check to replace books and help the bookstore..

“My gosh, what an anniversary present. Robbing a book store is almost like robbing a church.”

But as Plank says, “The community has such a strong connection and finds it (the store) so important, they have really rallied around us.”


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