Vodafone and EE just killed Huawei's 5G launch in the UK


BT-owned network EE was the first to announce that it would be pulling Huawei phones from its 5G selection, with the service to be turned on in 16 United Kingdom cities this year, starting May 30.

Previously, the USA warned Britain that it may end intelligence cooperation between the two countries, prompting the United Kingdom to deny Huawei access to establishing its 5G telecommunication network due to espionage accusations against the Chinese company.

It is thought that approximately 5 networks will come to use it over time; however, EE will be the first to do so. But with Huawei now unable to sell 5G devices on the UK's two biggest carriers, this could be a brilliant growth opportunity for Samsung, LG, and OnePlus, in addition to Oppo, which only recently arrived in the UK.

To make matters worse, Vodafone has also followed suit for its own upcoming 5G rollout.

Four major Japanese and British mobile carriers said Wednesday they will delay releasing new 5G handsets made by Huawei amid a US-led crackdown on the Chinese tech firm over security concerns.

The handsets available will include the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus's 7 Pro 5G and Oppo's Reno 5G phones.

Other cities planned for coverage are Cambridge, Derby, Gloucester, Peterborough, Plymouth and Portsmouth.

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The 5G news keeps on rolling this morning - Vodafone has now been in touch to say it is bizarrely cancelling a 5G launch event scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) in London "due to the ongoing media agenda".

Of course, the initial launch will be limited, with EE focusing on six cities- London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and Birmingham.

The group also said it would phase out the use of Huawei equipment in its network infrastructure.

"Our partnerships with Google and Niantic are just the start of our commitment to work with the most innovative and exciting companies in the world to ensure that EE customers are the first to benefit from the exciting new experiences that 5G will bring".

EE said its 5G strategy has three phases; 2019 to 2022 sees 5G rollout and 4G improvements, and 1,500 5G sites by the end of this year.

Prices for 5G - which will require new handsets - will start at £54 per month for 10 gigabytes of data.

All of this sounds like very good news, although it may initially be a tougher sell to convince consumers that 5G is worth it on their Smartphone vs the existing 4G services (ultrafast speeds aren't as important on a small screen, particularly if you can already get good speeds).