OBJ doesn't hold back in rant against Giants


"Period. money doesn't bring happiness brotha. remember that".

Odell Beckham Jr. was recently traded to the Cleveland Browns, and while OBJ has remained professional in his departure from NY, he couldn't help but laugh at one report about Giants GM Dave Gettleman's comments about a culture problem on the team.

'Ask any one of my teammates [how] I was as a [teammate] and a man and a person, ' Beckham wrote to a Twitter user who had called him a cancer. He also expressed discontent with New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and coach Pat Shurmur.

He first responded to a Twitter user who said Beckham's actions in NY were bad for the Giants' culture. Beckham, who was traded to the Cleveland Browns in March for the Browns' Nos. "*Takes the high road* I'm working on the best me!"

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The 2019 NFL Draft is officially upon us, and that means the New York Giants are about to embark on one of the most important three-day stretches in their history.

In the end, Beckham said he's thrilled to be in Cleveland on a team trending skyward with a young quarterback in Baker Mayfield and OBJ's childhood BFF Jarvis Landry. "Football is the ultimate team game".

And while he wasn't the only star player who left the Giants (defensive tackle Damon Harrison and safety Landon Collins left via trade and free agency, respectively), fans seemed to agree that Gettleman was referring to Beckham's departure. "(That's to whoever tweeted askin why I didn't travel while I was hurt....) next". Whether I knew they were selling it or it was for them... I have gotten some of the greatest newssss! "Just put some respect on my name that's all I'm sayin!" Say what u want, there is NOOOO bringin me down.

"Cleveland is my home now", he wrote. ".yes I'm cancer to a place that's ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD". Im lookin forward to what God has in store for me! Let's have some fun!'