GoT season 8, episode 3: Who will die first?


Below we're taking a look at five popular theories and ranking them from most believable to flat-out ridiculous, beginning with the realistic.

With that comes the wind-down of the show's key conflict - between those living in its medieval-fantasy society and an army led by the Night King, a blue-eyed humanoid creature from icy wastes in the far north who has the ability to raise and control the dead.

The HBO series is gearing up for what promises to be a legendary and unforgettable evening on Sunday night with the Battle of Winterfell ahead for us - and pretty much every character in the show, it feels like - and yet fans clearly aren't emotionally prepared, because everybody was going insane on social media hours before the show! Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) former dragon was killed by the Night King and then transformed, but only dragonglass can beat the dead, and it's clear whatever weapon Arya had Gendry (Joe Dempsie) make for her includes a long spear-like blade. But the trailer has given us a glimpse of the Dragon for GoT S8E3. Now, this could be the dead in the crypt rising or the Dead Walkers breaking down the walls of Winterfell. Fans are waiting nervously to see who will survive the bloody struggle, but don't worry it's nearly here. In the next episode of Game of Thrones Jon Snow and the defenders of Winterfell will do battle with the Night King and his undead minions. So it is quite possible as per the latest theories that he might not join his army in the attack but fly down to King's Landing to take down Cersei and the Golden Company.

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Here are the things we have analyzed from the trailer of upcoming GoT S8E3. And the Night King probably knows this, too. We're going with Bran's just a little weird and that's okay. Sure, the theory adds another layer of drama, but we're not so sure it can be pulled off, nor are we sure that we'd want to see it happen.