Tesla says new technology can recharge a auto in 15 minutes


Tesla is also flexing its software muscles with the new V3 Supercharger standard with a creative feature called "On Route Battery Warmup".

The electric vehicle firm's V3 Supercharger system is built on an entirely new architecture, with a 1MW power cabinet that can charge at up to 250kW per auto.

The first beta test V3 chargers are now in operation in California, near Tesla's headquarters, and work on the first full sites will begin in April. Thanks to other improvements Tesla is also rolling out, including On-Route Battery Warmup, average charge times can be halved and the number of served customers doubled.

After doubling power at Tesla's stations and vehicles preheating batteries ahead of arriving at a plug, charging times will drop to around 15 minutes, the electric-car leader said on its blog.

Tesla claims that a Model 3 Long Range will now be able to recover up to 75 miles of charge in just 5 minutes, the equivalent of 1000 miles per hour.

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"V3 Supercharging will roll out to the wider fleet in an over the air firmware update to all owners in Q2 as more V3 Superchargers come online".

In the coming weeks, over 12,000 existing V2 Superchargers will get 145kW charge rates, up from 120kW. This means owners won't have to experience a slower charge time when sharing with a neighbor.

For now, Tesla has opened the one public beta V3 Supercharger in Fremont, California. And initially only the Model 3 will be able to handle the peak rate but a software update coming down the line will make it possible for the Model S and X as well.

Also new in a firmware update (2019.7.11) for Model 3 owners is "Summon with Key Fob", which lets owners "move your Model 3 in and out of a parking space from outside the auto using a paired key fob".

Tesla says that it has 12,000 Superchargers across North America, Europe, and Asia-and that 99 percent of the USA population is covered by the charging network.