Former Cowboys Player David Irving Says He's Quitting NFL Over Marijuana Policy


The Cowboys defensive lineman who was suspended indefinitely last week for violating the NFL's drug policy, announced on Instagram Live on Thursday night that he is quitting the league.

The majority of Irving's income came in 2018, when he played under a restricted free agency tag of over $2 million, but appeared in just two games.

"So, Basically guys, I quit". 'I don't want to talk about a suspension and all this other nonsense.

"There's a lot of s*** f***** up about the National Football League", he added.

"I love football. I wouldn't be here without it". "Not many. I appreciate my true fans who appreciated me for who I am, not for the whole football stuff because football does not define me". "You know, I stand up for what I believe in". What you all see us do, the game and s-, that's like 20 percent of all the real s- that goes on. This time around though, his suspension is indefinite but Irving doesn't seem to care as he says he is going to retire altogether.

"Irving is a 6'7" defenseman drafted by the Cowboys out of Iowa State and was in his fifth season when he was suspended.

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David Irving cont: "Some people are like "oh you're addicted to weed". It's medicine; I do not consider it a drug, rather than the Xanax bars or the hydros or the Seroquel and all that insane s-t that they feed you", he said.

Irving's comments sparked a larger debate in regards to the rights of the players, and the substances they are allowed to consume.

"Like I said, it's not about smoking weed". I'm living with it.

The policy says that most National Football League players "need to get tested once a year". I'm not playing for free. "I'd rather be addict to that than the Xanax bars or the hydros or the seroquel that they feed you".

Meanwhile, in the National Football League, players can get tested at any time of the year, no matter if its during season or off season. How many baseball players? "However, we can't smoke the same weed the staff itself smokes". I'm prescribed to all that bull****.

Irving has had enough of the NFL's rules.