Las Vegas Police Issue Warrant for Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA in Rape Case


According to the report, the warrant has been sent to the court system in Italy, and once it's served, the Italian officials are expected to collect a sample of Ronaldo's DNA and send it back to Vegas police.

Las Vegas police declined comment, said Officer Laura Meltzer, a department spokeswoman.

Police in Las Vegas have issued a warrant for a DNA sample from Cristiano Ronaldo as part of their investigation into the rape allegations made against the Juventus forward.

The police investigation was reopened at Ms Mayorga's request last August, shortly before the former model and schoolteacher filed a civil lawsuit in state court claiming that Ronaldo raped her and that she had been paid £294,000 to keep it secret.

The news comes several weeks after it was revealed that Ronaldo admitted Mayorga did not give him verbal consent numerous times during the incident. She says she initially chose not to name the person who committed the alleged assault for fear of retribution.

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Lennard-who is a model as well as a reality television regular, appearing in shows like Make Me a Supermodel and Celebrity Big Brother-stated that she has years of messages that would back up her claims that Ronaldo was abusive and that he was unrepentant about his behavior, both with her and with other women.

Investigators in Las Vegas found DNA on Mayorga's dress belonging to someone else, the law enforcement official confirmed to the newspaper. However, he maintains that they had consensual sex and he did not rape her. It was then that the dress she had worn was collected for evidence.

Ms Mayorga reported the alleged sexual assault to police on the day it occurred.

Mayorga has previously indicated that she did not continue pressing charges out of fear of retribution from Ronaldo's camp, instead deciding to take a $375,000 settlement that came with a non-disclosure agreement that prevented her from further speaking on the matter.