Google Assistant nears 1 billion installs as usage quadruples


Another reason for Google Assistant's success in hitting 1 billion devices well before Alexa, is the fact that it has been able to get its active users numbers up in the past year. For example, SmartThings, a smart home device from Samsung, one of Amazon's key competitors in the tech space, has the option to be enabled by Alexa.

New Google Assistant features include natural conversation, multiple voice settings, and more smart home compatibility.

It all started back in March 2017, when Google announced it would bring the Assistant to all Android phones running Marshmallow or Nougat. For TVs, there's both Sony and LG displays with Android TV and the Assistant built in, set-top boxes from Nvidia and Xiaomi, and even a plan for smart soundbars. But even so, Google's two-year-old assistant would appear to have some impressive momentum on its side. It is unusual, but true; voice-assistant speakers are actually taking over as smart devices.

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You can control the volume of the TV, turn your TV on and off, switch inputs, or launch select apps via Google Assistant and Alexa. And it has worked pretty well for Google.

Have you used any Alexa device?

This mind-blowing figure is far ahead of the number of smartphones with Siri or Google Assistant preinstalled. It's very likely that many users are using the Google Assistant, indeed Google notes that the number of active users has quadrupled over the past year. "Today, it is evolving to become a scalable, open AI platform that will support more and more devices". Google said it predicts that Google Assistant will be available on one billion devices in a few weeks, which is up from 500 million devices in May 2018.