Dance on these towers in Fortnite for some easy battle stars


The area can get quite busy, so make sure you're armed and ready to run after you've completed this challenge. So, in the spirit of getting the New Year started in all the right ways, we're going to show you where to dance on top of an Fortnite Air Traffic Control Tower.

To discover the week 5 secret star location in Fortnite, though, you'll first need to take a look at the loading screen.

New challenges are released on a Thursday every week for Fortnite Battle Royale and the challenges for week 5 of Season 7 have just gone live.

Now that you've found the clue in the loading screen, it's time to track down the week 5 secret star location. It's is the tall red one, you can't miss it. Dance on that and you'll complete this last stage of the challenge. It features Grog having a tea party with some of his friends.

There's a faint Battle Star icon on top of Grog's hut.

While this is obviously a lovely sight to behold, what you want to do is divert your attention to the top-left corner instead. That's exactly where the week 5 secret star location is in Fortnite, so now it's simply a case of tracking it down.

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The Fortnite giant rock man can be found in-between squares H3 and H4 on the Battle Royale map.

It can be incredibly hard to find, as it's actually surrounded by trees.

Were you able to find the Week 5 Secret Battle Star? The cheat sheet also lets you know what to expect from each stage of the multi-step challenges.

Grog's domain is hidden underground southeast of Polar Peak and southwest of Frosty Flights. The Secret Battle Star location is the same on all platforms.

The Fortnite Air Traffic Control Tower is located right next to the hangars in Frosty Flights. Drop down inside and land on the wooden shack. What are your thoughts on the latest Loading Screen?