Apple to launch 3 iPhones in wake of disappointing XR


And the word on the street is that the Cupertino, California based company is planning to launch three new iPhone models this year.

Though Apple won't debut its new 2019 iPhones for another nine months, the company is already well into the development cycle for them.

The iPhone 11, the successor to the current 5.8-inch iPhone XS, isn't expected to get the triple-lens camera. Among other features, the LCD display lets Apple sell the XR at a lower price than the OLED-display-toting iPhone XS and XS Max.

We haven't seen a treble-camera phone from Apple yet either, so the upcoming model will be its first. The iPhone XR, which is believed to have been the least popular of the three, will be updated with a model that comes with the same LCD display and similar design, according to the report.

The XR has struggled to take off since it was launched in October previous year.

Apple is suffering from a maturing smartphone market and the impact of the U.S. Cook, in a letter to the investors, announced that Apple was cutting the quarterly revenue for the final fiscal quarter for 2018.

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The problem is that even if Apple now wanted to pivot away from releasing an iPhone with an LCD display, it's likely too late in the planning cycle for Apple to make any significant changes.

Apple isn't going down easy.

Apple was not immediately available for comment outside regular business hours.

The other two phones will apparently have dual-lens cameras, which would mean no change in the number of lenses for the iPhone XS successor (which we're calling the iPhone 11 for now) but would be one extra for the iPhone XR successor. "But if they wait beyond 2020, then I think they'll be impacted".

If that's what Apple considers taking it up to XI, we'll stick with ten.

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