Death toll from Northern California wildfire climbs to 76


President Donald Trump headed to Northern California on Saturday to see firsthand the grief and devastation from the deadliest USA wildfire in a century amid confusion over how many people remain unaccounted for.

More than 1,000 people are unaccounted for and thousands of survivors are living in cars and tents as California's deadliest wildfire enters a second week. "So I made a decision to go for an opening and I think over the next months and years you'll see the science becoming crystal clear, and even the folks in Washington that are now more in the denialist camp are going to come around".

Three other people have died in southern California in a blaze dubbed the Woolsey Fire, which engulfed parts of Malibu, destroying the homes of several celebrities. Jerry Brown and Gov. -elect Gavin Newsom.

"It's like total devastation", Trump said as he stood amid the ruins of Paradise, which has a population of about 26,000.

In Northern California, Trump continued to show skepticism about the impact of climate change on wildfires.

Finns have been baffled by US President Donald Trump's comments praising the country for managing its vast forests by raking.

"Now is the time to pull together for the people of California", Brown said on Twitter on Friday.

Trump is expected to land in Southern California later on Saturday to view damage from the Woolsey and Hill fires in Ventura County.

Trump, who has long feuded with the political leaders of heavily Democratic California over issues such as immigration and voting, also has threatened to withhold federal payments to the state. "It will open his eyes to what it is", he said.

A survey found only 100 housing units available for rent in all of Butte County, where the fire has been burning, May said. When storage sheds holding firearms and a nearby shop selling ammunition caught fire, it set off hundreds of rounds, sending bullets flying.

Trump attacks Macron with new world war jibe
She underscored that such a force would not mean the end of the US -led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance. Trump , who built a career in business before he entered politics, opened a winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2011.

Trump also said his written answers to questions the Mueller team posed to him is likely all he will provide the special counsel, though he will weigh any follow-up request from the prosecutor for a sit-down interview.

Nearly all of the town of Paradise is gone. Reporters and photographers were not allowed to accompany the president to the session, which Trump later described as emotional. In campaign rallies before the midterm elections, Trump and Republican candidates singled out the state as a subject of derision over its high taxes, embrace of "sanctuary cities" or liberal social policy. We'll be working also with environmental groups.

In the days that followed the November 10 tweet and as the death toll continued to climb, Trump posted numerous tweets praising firefighters, first responders and the Federal Emergency Management Administration, noting that "we at the White House are with" Gov.

On Friday, Trump taped a segment for "Fox News Sunday" in which he feigned surprise to see images of firefighters removing dried brush near a fire, adding, "This should have been all raked out", AP reported.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said the list of the missing is compiled using information received from a special hotline, as well as emails and emergency-911 calls that came in during the first chaotic hours of the blaze.

The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California´s history, the so-called Camp Fire, has now claimed 71 lives.

California's problems are complicated, she said - a combination of hot, dry climates, poor community design and "100 years of fire suppression" that helped turn forests into tinder boxes.

Some locals held up pro-Trump signs, although one called him a "moron". Smoke from the fire has blanketed a large section of Northern California, closing schools and tourist attractions such as the former island prison of Alcatraz. "And I think you're going to see something very spectacular in the next couple of years".

There was little this most voluble of presidents could say or do - except to listen. We need the money, we need federal help and we need a collaborative and cooperative spirit and we're getting that.