Trump and Kim ‘fell in love’ during denuclearisation talks, President declares


The foreign minister told the UNGA that US attempts to coerce North Korea into denuclearization will not work and that corresponding steps must be taken by both sides in order to advance progress between the two countries.

Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Ri Yong Ho said North Korea had taken "significant goodwill measures" in the past year but had not seen "any corresponding response" from the United States.

He said the USA was insisting on a "denuclearisation first" policy that "increased the level of sanctions".

"We're doing great with North Korea", he said.

Pyongyang has repeatedly appealed for United Nations and U.S. sanctions to be lifted and has support from Russian Federation and China. Instead, he noted, the continuing sanctions aimed at keeping up pressure.

"The perception that sanctions can bring us on our knees is a pipe dream of the people who are ignorant about us".

The minister also said sanctions against his government only deepen the mistrust.

He joked about criticism he would get from the news media for making a comment some would consider "unpresidential" and for being so positive about the North Korean leader.

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On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Ri in NY and accepted the North Korean leader's invitation to visit Pyongyang, the State Department said.

Trump and Kim signed a peace agreement when they met in Singapore in June, but the terms of the accord were vague and lacking substance.

The number of North Korean defectors to South Korea has fallen since Kim Jong-un came to power seven years ago, a South Korean lawmaker has said.

Washington and Pyongyang are now said to be negotiating a second summit between Trump and Kim. "And then we fell in love", Mr Trump said. "And we were going back and forth, and then we fell in love. OK?"

Most flee via China, which has the longest border with North Korea and is easier to cross than the heavily protected Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas.

China and Russian Federation have called for a reduction in sanctions on North Korea in exchange for steps it has taken so far.

It added that the USA is only intent on keeping sanctions in place without holding up its end of the bargain amid a mood of detente on the Korean Peninsula.

Satellite images released in July revealed that North Korea were putting the finishing touches on a ballistic missile factory at the same time as the US-North Korea summit.