The Internet Reacts To Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Debut


The episode itself is about change - the ways in which we move forward in the face of events that change everything about who we are, the divide between the person you are and the person you're going to be.

The second is a trailer for the second episode, "The Ghost Monument", where the Doctor welcomes her new companions to their first alien planet, before reminding them to not touch anything. I asked her what the response has been like for her.

Most importantly for the children in the audience, we were able to communicate both the excitement of scientific research, and the feasibility of becoming a professional scientist regardless of your background. There's a lot of reasons for this: a new incarnation of a Doctor is a big thing!

Chibnall promised that his Doctor Who would get back to basics with stories that weren't aimed exclusively at hardcore fans, and that's evident from the outset of this crisp, fast-moving opener.

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Jodie Whittaker has gone on record already saying that she finds the negative response "ridiculous", as its high time for a woman Doctor.

However, it did still not take away from just how phenomenal Jodie Whittaker was as The Doctor, with her winning plaudits for her portrayal of the Time Lord. I don't feel like my gender is something I think about until it is referred to by someone else... She's a curious cat, adorably self-effacing at times and admirably fearless in others - in short, the flawless qualities for a Doctor. "It's very exciting. It's very exciting as a fan, you know, as someone who grew up watching Doctor Who, it's very exciting whenever there's a kind of rebirth of the show, it's just an exciting moment anyway".

As it is, Grace's death felt a little too shoehorned in for me, just so the season opener could have some real loss in it. "Yeah. But it's not broken", Whittaker said. I assume much of this was terrifying for children, and thank goodness for that!

Doctor Who will be available on ABC iView on Mondays at 5.45am AEDT, from October 8, immediately after the United Kingdom broadcast.