Mojang are making a Minecraft spin-off and it's a dungeon-crawler


That was nearly a rule until a few years ago, but in the news-saturated scenario of today, the gloves are off, especially if your name is Mojang and you have a Minecraft game to reveal.

The trailer shows that the four players can be outfitted with different weapons and armor to serve different purposes, an interesting shift from Minecraft's tiered armor and weapon system where the rarer material is generally the best you can shoot for.

The game is said to be a passion project for the folks at Mojang - the Swedish studio that was founded to create the original "Minecraft".

Minecraft has a fair bit of spelunking and monster slaying, but now Mojang is creating an entirely new action-adventure experience with the announcement of Minecraft: Dungeons at MINECON Earth 2018 today. While it's called Minecraft: Dungeons, don't let the name confuse you, it's an entirely separate game to Minecraft we all know and love. According to the official announcement, this game is "inspired by classic dungeon crawlers".

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"Brave the dungeons alone, or team up with friends!" Villager designs will vary depending on the biome. "Fight or flee through canyons, swamps and - of course - mines!"

Minecraft developer Mojang hasn't provided any details yet on what will set Dungeons apart from other genre favorites. The levels are said to be "action-packed, treasure-stuffed, [and] wildly varied".

However, there will also be the pillagers or the not so nice people.

Are you interested in playing Minecraft: Dungeons? Would you like to see it come across to console eventually? Do you play Minecraft on the Switch or other Nintendo devices?