Google Pixel 3 preorders will start immediately after launch event


That theory is based on the fact that a number of high-profile YouTubers have been contacted directly by Google to ask for permission to use their Pixel 3 XL videos, many of which contain complaints about the prominent notch on the leaked phone. Google themselves have obviously been following all of these rumours that some have been creating and we have been reporting on because they have had a bit of fun with it via their @MadeByGoogle Instagram account.

The Google Pixel 3 is easily one of the most comprehensively leaked smartphones in the history of smartphones.

The Pixel 3 will likely have two display sizes - one for Pixel 3, the other for Pixel 3 XL.

We now know the new release is arriving on October 9, as Google has teased an event on that date.

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Google has been sending promotional emails about its upcoming Pixel 3 event, Android Central reports, which confirm that preorders will "start immediately after the event". Google could also expand the usability of the Active Edge feature by adding third-party app support for squeezing gestures this time.

With less than a week left for the Pixel 3 series launch, Google has posted a mock teaser on Twitter taunting a rumour related to the mini Pixel phone. How "mini" is too mini?

Pixel fans can also expect the screen quality to have an upgrade, which an impressive feat considering the Pixel 2 XL's high quality screen.

NY is the place to be to get a proper Pixel 3 hardware introduction from Google itself. The search giant is referring to the Pixel Ultra as "mini Pixel". "Tune in on 10/9 to see for yourself", the company teased.