President Trump takes aim at globalism, defends America's sovereignty at UN


Ultimately, the United States will "deny the regime the funds it needs to advance its bloody agenda", Trump said.

"Didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay", the U.S. president said attempting to deflect it.

Trump's denunciation of globalism drew murmurs from the room that stands as the very embodiment of the notion.

"We can not allow a regime that chants "Death to America" and that threatens Israel with annihilation, to possess the means to deliver a nuclear warhead to any city on Earth", he said. It was a declaration of the supremacy of sovereignty, and the idea that all nations should embrace their own versions of his "America First" foreign policy approach.

The president said the location for a second summit with Kim is still to be determined, but officials have said Trump is holding out hope it could take place on American soil.

The president also blasted the U.N. Human Rights Council for ignoring egregious violations while rebuking the United States - saying that's what led the US administration to withdraw from the council.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at President Trump for withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, telling the UN General Assembly that his country had abided by the agreement's terms. The U.S. will not return to the council until real reform is made.

His imprint on the president's speech could not be mistaken.

He said that the UN-backed International Criminal Court has "no jurisdiction, no legitimacy and no authority" and said that his administration - which has recently choked off aid to the Palestinians - would only support "our friends" in the future.

Trump said America's economy is booming like never before and since his election, the USA has added United States dollars 10 trillion in wealth.

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In another shake-up from longstanding US policy, and one that appeals to Bolton, Trump said his Administration intends to take a "hard look" at USA foreign assistance, particularly to nations that don't act in USA interests.

"It is ironic that the United States government doesn't even hide its plan for overthrowing the same government it invites to talks", he said.

In reference to the rise in U.S. unilateralism Ramaphosa said, "No country can prosper at the expense of millions of others".

Trump's elation at the bilateral trade deals recently signed with Mexico and South Korea is a concrete indication of what direction Trump intends to take USA trade policy - away from regional trade pacts that he believes are not in the best interests of the US.

Rouhani offered interviews to American journalists during his visit to NY in which he slammed Trump's attempts to zero out Tehran's oil exports and worsen its dire economic crisis.

But Trump also attacked OPEC member countries, accusing them of "ripping off" the rest of the world.

The countries Trump singled out as particularly inspiring, those he considers his close allies were India, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Poland.

"We defend many of these nations for nothing and then they take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices - not good", stated President Trump.

A year ago, Trump stood at the global rostrum and derided the North Korean leader as "Little Rocket Man" and threatened to "totally destroy North Korea". Those tensions have since eased.

Riyadh and its Gulf allies have hailed Trump's decision to exit the nuclear deal and to reimpose sanctions on Tehran, reflecting their concern about Iran's influence in the region. Yet, in a direct rebuke to that call, five world powers-Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and China-signed an agreement on the United Nations sidelines to set up legal entity to circumvent USA sanctions.