Paul Manafort convicted: What's next?


One juror, Paula Duncan, told Fox News a lone holdout was all that stood between Manafort and convictions on all counts.

"So we agreed to throw out his testimony and look at the paperwork, which his name was all over", she said, adding that they did not find him credible.

"She just couldn't explain to us why she had reasonable doubt".

The disclosure by one juror of another juror's remarks on the ninth day of Manafort's trial prompted U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III to question jurors about whether the comment would affect their ability to make a fair and impartial verdict.

The guilty pleas came in the same hour that a federal jury in Alexandria, Virginia, convicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of eight charges of tax and bank fraud and failing to disclose foreign bank accounts. "We didn't want to be hung, so we tried for an extended period of time to convince her".

Duncan also described the room in which the jurors, some of them emotional, deliberated Manafort's case: "Crazily enough, there were even tears," Duncan said.

"The evidence was overwhelming", Duncan said, pointing to prosecutors' extensive paper trail.

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Paul Manafort was apparently one woman's opinion away from being found guilty on 10 additional charges.

Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday to five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements, one count of making unlawful campaign contributions and one count of making an excessive contribution at the request of a campaign or candidate for office.

"I think that they used Manafort to try to get the dirt on trump, or hoping that he would flip on Trump", she said. But they also told jurors that bank chairman Stephen Calk pushed through the loans anyway because he wanted Manafort to help him become secretary of the Army or secure another high-level government post. This is not great news for the president, and not just because it was Cohen who set up the DE shell company, Essential Consultants LLC, to pay off Stormy Daniels on Trump's behalf in possible violation of campaign finance law.

Manafort decided not to put on any witnesses or testify himself in the trial. "We applied the evidence, our notes, the witnesses, and we came up with the guilty verdict on the eight counts".

"It doesn't involve me, but I still feel, you know, it's a very sad thing that happened", Trump said.

Still, she says the process was fair. The Cohen investigation started with a referral from Mueller's team, but was conducted by federal prosecutors in NY.

Prosecutors said that Manafort dodged the IRS by hiding income from foreign consulting work, according to NPR. While Manafort's trial was not directly related to the allegations of collusion with Russian Federation during the 2016 Presidential campaign, it did serve as a test of the work Mueller's team has done. As a result, the judge did not set a sentencing date for the charges on which Manafort was found guilty.