Google ties up with Indian lenders in bid to woo new users


"Taking note of the impact of the floods in Kerala and Karnataka, Google also shared that is making a $1M United States dollars grant (including contributions from Googlers across the world) to several NGOs in India" India to support the relief and recovery efforts in the most impacted regions.

The eligible transactions include; P2P and Cash Mode (Tez Mode) to another Tez user, payments sent to outside bank accounts, Cash Mode (Tez Mode) payments to merchants, payments to merchant bank account, and payments made using Tez UPI ID.

Global tech giant Google on Tuesday said that by Diwali it plans to expand the operations of its payments platform, and would add major retail chains restaurants and cab aggregators to the platform.

Google's focus towards India was reiterated in its yearly event, Google for India 2018, earlier today. Around 40 million new users come online in India every year, not just from metropolitan centers, but from rural areas as well, and latter on an increasing basis.

Sengupta said the app has been downloaded 55 million times and has an active monthly user base of 22 million.

To make online content relevant for more Indian users, Google announced a project called Navlekha, a word derived from Sanskrit meaning "a new way to write". The Android Go low-priced smartphone program is tailor-made for countries like India, with the Google Station initiative created to provide high-quality internet access to rural areas that "have never been connected before", and a region-exclusive digital wallet platform initially rolled out nearly a year ago. This makes it very hard for Indian languages publications to bring their content online. Tour finals will be earlier
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The Google Go app supports 28 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi and Tamil - even on 2G connections.

Google Home in Hindi Another feat in Google's race to localise for India, the Assistant will now be able to switch between English and Hindi seamlessly.

The company, noting that the number of Indian language users on the web is expected to reach 500 million in the next two years, revealed a slew of products that are already or will soon be receiving support for new languages. The introduction of Marathi onto the platform is the first of eight new languages that Google has planned to roll out.

And with respect to inter-state travel, Google is partnering with RedBus to bring on 20,000 new routes and 1,500 new cities to Google Maps.

Google, which in January 2016 launched its ambitious project to offer free Wi-Fi in 400 railway stations in India, announced the next leg of the Google Station project for around 10 million people in over 12,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh.