Theresa May reveals Donald Trump urged her to sue the European Union


British Prime Minister Theresa May bowed to pressure on Monday from euroskeptics in her ruling Conservative Party by agreeing to a series of amendments to a bill setting up a new customs regime after Brexit.

The president's remarks were published just as May told the BBC in an interview that Trump counseled her to "sue" the European Union rather than negotiate a Brexit deal with the trade bloc.

"We're going into negotiations - but interestingly - what the president also said at the press conference was 'Don't walk away'".

And as May struggles to hold her own government together, with the never-ending arguments about Brexit negotiations threatening to tear her Conservative party apart.

"President Trump has made it clear he wants a trade deal and is now confident we will be able to do it", May wrote in her Facebook post.

She said it would allow the United Kingdom to strike trade deals with other nations, end free movement of people, and end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Donald Trump told the Sun newspaper Mrs May's proposals would "probably kill" a trade deal with his country.

One area where the government might struggle is explaining its acceptance of the demand that the European Union must collect tariffs on Britain's behalf, if London is to do the same - a suggestion one expert said the bloc's negotiators were unlikely to accept. "I can not tell the people of WOxon that I support the proposals in their current form".

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The two leaders have disagreed on how May should handle the exit from the bloc, with Trump frequently haranguing her to hurry the process.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon believes now is the time for Boris Johnson to challenge British prime minister Theresa May for her job, the Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday.

In addition to criticizing May's handling of Brexit negotiations, Trump has gone after many of his European NATO allies for relying on the USA for trade and defence spending, and called the EU a trade "foe" in an interview with CBS on Saturday.

Baker, who was a junior minister under Davis, claimed the Brexit Department was little more than a "Potemkin structure to [distract from] what the Cabinet Office Europe unit was doing for the Prime Minister". In his interview, Trump confirmed that he "recommended her something" but declined to say what he told May specifically.

"I recommended her something, I gave her an option, I'd rather not tell you what that option is, but I think she might", he told The Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson said it was not the party's policy to back another referendum - but said it should not be ruled out.

May said the plan outlined in the white paper honors the wishes of British voters - who in June 2016 backed Brexit with 52 percent of the vote - while protecting industry and national security.

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