Kyle Schwarber narrowly escapes Alex Bregman to advance in Home Run Derby


Bryce Harper said he would participate again in the Home Run Derby if it came to Nationals Park, and when it did, the Nationals outfielder did not disappoint.

Schwarber went first in the Final Round, drilling 18 homers.

It was a dramatic walk-off from Schwarber, but he actually had 30 more seconds to play with because he hit two homers farther than 440 feet and was awarded some extra time. Schwarber got out to a slow start, hitting just four home runs before taking his timeout a minute-and-a-half into the four-minute round. On Schwarber's side of the bracket, he bested Alex Bregman 16-15, then defeated Rhys Hoskins 21-20.

The MLB All-Star Game will take place Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

Yes, it was. The Home Run Derby was tonight.

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Harper, Báez and Aguilar will both follow up their Home Run Derby appearances with positions on the National League's All-Star team.

Let's be honest, Cubs Fans weren't wring here, but the likelihood that Major League Baseball would stop the contest at that point was slim and none.

In all, Hoskins hit 37 homers in two rounds, with the deepest two going 466 and 463 feet.

Bryce Harper, who said he was exhausted after taking his cuts in the first round, certainly appeared gassed in the final round. But trying to track hit balls in the lights-tougher than it looks when they take off at 100-plus miles per hour, and when batters hit them in rapid succession-provided its own compelling entertainment all evening.

His teammate Javier Baez couldn't get out of the first round of the competition as he was beaten by the Dodgers' Max Muncy 17-16 in the first round. The average launch angle, exit velocity, and distance on his made-up home runs (based on Harper's nine in 47 seconds) were 33°, 107 miles per hour, and 430 feet.