Protester yells 'fascist' at Stephen Miller dining in Mexican restaurant


White House advisor Stephen Miller is widely seen as the mastermind behind President Donald Trump's controversial policy of separating parents from their children at the U.S. southern border.

"The Post reports that a patron of the restaurant called out Miller - an immigration hard-liner - over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that separates migrant families caught crossing the border illegally".

Soon enough, Twitter began to remove some tweets featuring Miller's phone number or links to the article containing Miller's number, which greatly angered journalists from Splinter News who have since written an article about their original article being "censored".

The separations come as a byproduct of unlawful immigrants being taken into federal criminal custody-as opposed to administrative custody or released with the expectation of appearing at an ordered court date-at which point the children are considered unaccompanied alien minors and they are taken away.

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Miller is a longtime Trump aide who has been the author of or at least very close adviser on the president's most xenophobic policies.

Noting that Miller has not made many public appearances to discuss the policy he allegedly had a significant hand in getting implemented, the Splinter article published his phone number and encouraged readers to call or text him their thoughts.

Rather, Coffman has set his sights on a much lower-profile but arguably equally influential figure - Stephen Miller.

Then Twitter went a step further, blocking people who were just sharing Splinter's article, not the number itself.