Meghan Markle and Queen aren't friends, expert claims


So it's a big deal she's handed it over to Meghan. Since the engagement announcement previous year, the star has been catapulted into the spotlight and her looks have not disappointed us, in fact, almost everything Meghan Markle wears sells out instantly.

"I guess you can say you're stuck with me", a line that made the Duchess of Sussex giggle and blush before she looked around the room to see if anyone else was laughing.

The neutral-toned outfit is similar to two of her previous recent Givenchy designs, proving she has found a template for her royal style that is similar to Kate Middleton's. She's already had her first overnight trip and joint appearance with the queen, and she just attended an event that's even closer to the queen's heart. Get the details on Meghan's look below.

"And although she is clearly putting in an industrial-strength effort to develop her royal poise and body language, the fact she is having to learn on the job seems to have created a very different balance between her and the Queen".

The 73-year-old, whose daughter Meghan married Prince Harry in May, told TMZ he feels he's been put in the "penalty box" after giving an interview to Good Morning Britain last week.

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Kate Middleton wearing a similar design in June 2012.

Meghan Markle is no stranger to owning a major style moment. Express reported that it's one of the queen's favorite events.

She said: "Meghan's pose here is pseudo-infantile, suggesting a desire to look young and quite cute in a bid to make a complimentary and favourable impression on the Queen".

Meghan Markle continued fulfilling her duties as a new royal in style on Tuesday night, as she joined the Queen to help host a glittering awards ceremony honouring young change-makers.