Leaked images of Google Pixel 3 XL surface online


For months, experts and fans have been speculating about what the Pixel 3 could look like, based on rumors and clues inside Android P. We may not have to wonder any longer, though.

We expect Google's next flagship to come with features such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, dual rear cameras, and 6GB or 8GB of RAM. A notched design for Pixel 3 XL does not come as a surprise given Android P, which is the latest operating system includes support for notch. The phone appears very similar to the leaks that surfaced online within the past couple of weeks. If the new Android P beta 2 is anything to go by, it appears that Google may finally be giving its customers what they really want with the new Pixel 3 lineup. Google is expected to skip the dual rear camera bandwagon yet again this year. By packing in even more technology, the Pixel 3 is bound to remain locked at a high price point. The fingerprint scanner is also seen at the back. Like on Pixel 2, Google plans to use software optimisation to achieve "Bokeh" effect and sharper zoom on Pixel 3 devices, which will compete with the likes of Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 series. It's too early to expect this team to have put an entirely new look into action. The Pixel range might not be the sleekest, but it's identifiable, functional, and gives Google a distinct looking brand in an increasingly homogeneous market.

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Without doubt, the thing most will point to here is that notch, something that has been a polarizing point ever since the iPhone X launched late past year and has continued to divide people even as just about every Android phone maker has followed suit. I believed his information is credible, but just to be sure, I made a decision to dig around in the latest Android P Developer Preview to find any corroborating evidence. If I'm right in suspecting the Pixel range is as much about influencing other Android smartphone manufacturers as it is about selling handsets, a distinct design language suits Google's goals perfectly.

This corroborates a recent report from Bloomberg (below), which claimed that while the Pixel 3 XL will sport a notch, its smaller Pixel 3 won't receive the same treatment. There have been quite a few notable ...