Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Ontario


Led by Andrea Horwath, the NDP earned 34% of the vote. I believe that history will be gentler on her legacy than the 2018 Ontario voters.

Doug Ford - the brother of controversial former Toronto mayor Rob Ford - is the new leader of Canada's most populous province, winning a majority government in a local show of strength for the divisive wedge politics that have rattled much of the world.

While it's too early to name contenders to lead the Liberals into the next election, the party has several options to hold the fort before then, he said.

While Ford's family troubles did not dent his lead in the last week of the campaign, he can not afford to let these issues take centre stage once in government.

Voters are going to the polls today to determine who the province's leaders will be for the next four years. Thursday night was absolutely brutal for the Liberals, and much of it constituted a personal rejection of Wynne. Most of the Grit MPPs left standing, shell-shocked as they may be, were recruited during Wynne's tenure - and they still feel substantial personal loyalty to and fondness for her, and agree with her vision of the party.

The subsequent election of Ford as leader cemented the populist theme even further.

Put it another way: intentionally or not, voters managed to send to Queen's Park a Liberal caucus that represents a continuation of at least part of Wynne's leadership - not a wholesale repudiation of it.

Joe Vaccaro, CEO of the Ontario Home Builders' Association, said he is optimistic the new government will streamline the province's environmental assessment process, which can delay projects for years while developers wait for environmental approvals.

"But the biggest challenge that I think the provincial Liberals have is they're going to have to differentiate themselves from the New Democratic Party and I think quite frankly that was one of the issues (in the election)".

Ford, who has positioned himself as a champion of "the little guy" and has been compared to U.S. President Donald Trump, is wealthy businessman.

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Leader Mike Schreiner was elected in Guelph.

He did not release a fully costed platform, prompting his rivals to warn of massive cuts to public services under a Tory government. Rob Ford died of cancer in March 2016.

Ford won his seat in Etobicoke North, and Horwath held her seat in Hamilton Centre, where she has served as an MPP since 2004.

To say last night's Ontario election was a rollercoaster would be an understatement.

He's the second son of Diane and Doug Ford Sr., a provincial politician for one term in the late 1990s. He said the source of the deficit is nearly entirely the result of tax cuts which is a stark change from the era of higher spending and taxes. Wynne, who reached retirement age of 65 last month, was upbeat despite her party's defeat.

The Liberals could drop to single-digit seats in the legislature, losing official party status.

And now, registered voters in both counties can vote in any designated voting spot anywhere in their county.

"No surprise in Ontario election results", said Colin Cieszynski, chief market strategist at SIA Wealth Management.

When this precinct was created, the addresses that were in this new precinct were uploaded into the state voter system, and they should have received a mail notice from the state informing them of the location change.