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Though you could use this opportunity to show off your Mario or Zelda collections or demonstrate your skills in Splatoon 2, we suggest using the time to plead with Nintendo for the return of Advance Wars, which has been cruelly ignored for several years. It is expected that Nintendo Switch Family Showdown will air on the Disney Channel, Disney XD, and be streamed on the DIsneyNOW app in August. Families will be performing specific tasks in each game, like searching for collectibles in Mario Odyssey, winning a match in Mario Tennis Aces, or performing a dance off in, you guessed it, Just Dance 2018. "Nintendo's Mario Tennis Aces video game on the Nintendo Switch system, is a sponsor of the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards", said a Nintendo of America spokesperson.

"The Nintendo Switch Family Showdown, is a contest open to families to enter for a chance to compete as one of four selected families featured in sponsored interstitials". Similar to Nintendo Labo, it's another example of the company striving to attract different audiences who otherwise may not be interested in video games. Now, Disney Channel is giving you a chance to prove your family can play with the big boys.

During the E3 Conference, Nintendo revealed that there is a new Super Smash Bros. game heading to the Nintendo Switch.

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Having the Nintendo Switch console, let alone any video game console, be the focal point of a game show has never been done before.

A Nintendo Switch demo tour will be held in the United States this summer.

Just a few years ago, Nintendo's Wii U console was languishing - few major games were exciting people, and consumers weren't buying the Wii U. That all changed with the launch of Nintendo's Switch console in March 2017. To get a Nintendo Switch, visit amazon.com.