Will Baker Mayfield change the way National Football League scouts evaluate quarterbacks?


That 19-year history invites significant angst as the Browns now try to balance relying on a veteran for whom they gave up a third-round draft pick against the rookie in whom they entrusted the first overall selection in the draft.

Now that he's met one of Cleveland's sports icons in Kosar, he's eager to meet another in LeBron James, who at one point took Johnny Manziel under his wing.

The Cleveland Browns made a quarterback the overall number one pick of the National Football League draft last week but it was not the name many expected. If Taylor struggles and the Browns get off to yet another terrible start, the calls for Mayfield will become overbearing.

In order to fill that role, Mayfield will have to master all the fundamentals of the position, including something he never had to do in college: taking snaps from center.

That's because he'll be sharing a living space with Heisman Trophy victor Baker Mayfield, whose Oklahoma Sooners were defeated by the Bulldogs 54-48 during the College Football Playoff semifinal in January.

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According to ESPNs Dan Graziano, Mayfield had some issues with the QB-C exchange this weekend. Go with Mayfield too early, and perhaps he ends up having his confidence shattered, in the same way last year's rookie starter DeShone Kizer's was, especially after Jackson repeatedly benched and unbenched Kizer as he struggled without the benefit of a high level of talent around him or a high level of coaching acumen. "Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go watch him play, but right now, my focus is on football". Even with all of the surrounding concerns, Mayfield has a lot of potential, and if he develops like he's supposed to, he could enjoy a lot of success in the NFL. "We did a lot of research".

"I'm always competitive", Mayfield said on Saturday, per Cleveland.com. "I have to get prepared, get in the playbook and I'm ready to go to work though".

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"I was a little surprised", said one NFC personnel man whose team didn't select a quarterback in this year's draft. That led the former Bengals OC to call Mayfield the "Pied Piper of Oklahoma football". We'll just have to patiently wait until the fall to see. "I'm very excited about him".

"The one thing I keep hearing about is the loyalty of the fans, and I think the one thing they deserve is a team that's winning, one they can rally behind", Mayfield said.