N. Korea turns clock forward 30 minutes


The president denied a New York Times report that he had ordered the Pentagon to draw up options for removing US forces from South Korea. The Division of Protection additionally denied the report in a press release. National security adviser John Bolton called that report, in The New York Times, "utter nonsense" in a statement Friday. "You know, we have 32,000 troops there". The two leaders signed a peace accord and officially ended the Korean War, which started in 1950.

At the time of the summit, the South's presidential spokesman Yoon Young-chan said Kim offered to adjust the time systems.

"President Trump and President Moon will continue their close coordination on developments regarding the Korean Peninsula following the April 27 inter-Korean Summit", the White House added.

"That is the position", the source said.

United Nations aviation agency directors will visit North Korea next week to discuss an earlier request by Pyongyang to open new air routes to South Korea, the organization said in a statement on Friday. North Korea had previously established its own timezone in 2015 that lagged 30 minutes behind the South.

"The two leaders will also discuss President Trump's upcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un", the United States president's press office added.

Trump has expressed frustration that South Korea does not contribute enough to fund US forces that bolster its defenses. There are close to 30,000 USA troops stationed in the country, and US bases take up almost as many acres of land across South Korea.

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According to US Forces Korea, its mission is to "deter aggression and if essential, defend the Republic of Korea to take care of stability in Northeast Asia".

During the presidential campaign and since, Trump had complained about the cost to the USA of maintaining such a large force in Asia.

The current US garrison makes up only a fraction of the North and South Korean active troops in the region.

"We now have a date and we have a location".

Speaking about the US' allies in Europe, Pompeo said apart from the occasional and minor hiccups, these nations had interests similar to America's.

North and South are now vastly different societies, one a democratic member of the OECD club of developed countries, and the other an impoverished, hereditary one-party state left isolated by its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Joint navy workouts between South Korea and the U.S., which defenders argue are important to sustaining operational effectiveness, recurrently enhance tensions on the Peninsula and are seen by North Korea as acts of hostility.