Ex-CBS TV anchor Charlie Rose hit with sexual harassment lawsuit


The day after the report came out, TMZ revealed that such a lawsuit had been filed by three women he worked with at CBS: Katherine Brooks Harris (who worked with him as a broadcast associate), Yuqing "Chelsea" Wei (who worked as a news associate), and his former executive assistant Sydney McNeal. The Washington Post has reported that more than two dozen women say Rose harassed them.

"Three of them are now suing Rose and CBS News, saying they were subjected to ".repeated, ongoing and unlawful physical and verbal sexual harassment." by Rose; that CBS ".unlawfully retaliated." against one of them and that the company ".failed to investigate the matter".

According to the complaint filed Friday in NY state court, Harris worked as a broadcast associate for CBS This Morning before taking a job as an associate producer for Rose from 2016 to 2017; McNeal worked as Rose's executive assistant in 2017; Wei worked as a news associate, executive assistant and anchor assistant from 2015 to 2018.

Rose was sacked by PBS and CBS on the finish of 2017.

The three women each worked at CBS in various capacities in the years between 2015 and 2018. The report also noted that a lawsuit would soon be filed against Rose. Both Harris and McNeal lost their jobs after Rose's PBS show was canceled in the wake of the Post's reporting.

The plaintiffs in Friday's lawsuit - Katherine Harris, Sydney McNeal and Yuqing Wei - worked in different capacities for Rose previous year while he was a co-host for CBS This Morning, according to the complaint. The woman said she complained to PBS management and was told that Rose was harmless.

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During lunches with Harris, Rose would place "his hands on her thigh and [kiss] her cheek", the lawsuit alleges. The ladies additionally claimed Rose repeatedly requested the ladies about their intercourse lives and insisted them on sharing particulars. "He pointed at other women and called them prostitutes".

The retaliation component of the lawsuit stems from Wei's account that she was removed from her position as an anchor assistant several months after she filed a complaint with CBS human resources on November 30, just days after Rose was sacked.

The lawsuit alleges that "CBS This Morning" Executive Producer Ryan Kadro "knew that Mr".

-In 2011, a woman who worked at "CBS This Morning" said Rose forcibly kissed her at a holiday party.

The lawsuit also claims that Kadro, who is not named as a defendant in the case, behaved inappropriately toward Wei. "Rose had a history of sexual harassment", but did not warn Harris about him when she asked Kadro for advice on whether to work for Rose.

In an email to the Post before the suit, Kadro said he did not believe Wei raised the word "lawsuit" with him.