Doug Ford involved in sale of fake Tory memberships in 2016: Liberals


"The appeal was totally dismissed", Ford said "This is the Liberals two weeks before an election trying to change the channel on their mismanagement, scandal and waste". Ford is running on traditional right leaning themes of cutting waste and lowering taxes, but his lack of an actual election platform and inability to expand on the famous catchphrase he developed along with his late brother of "finding efficiencies" is hurting him, particularly with those whose votes he needs to expand the Tory base.

Ford had, however, invited them to the nomination meeting, according to the affidavit from would-be candidate Pina Martino - an interim chief of staff for former Tory leader Patrick Brown. The allegations were sent to the party in 2016.

"No, that never happened", he said. "Absolutely not", Wynne said at a campaign stop on Toronto's waterfront.

"I think people are asking, rightly, exactly what it is Doug Ford would do", Wynne said. Surma won the nomination.

Memberships to the Progressive Conservative party cost $10 for one year and must be paid by the individuals who sign up.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was in Whitby on Thursday to talk about her party's plans for long-term care in the province.

Paulette Simmons, a small business owner, called the Liberal claims "nothing but mud-slinging from a desperate party".

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"The NDP has historically - and now - looked at the private sector as the enemy", she said.

Ford stuck to his usual talking points, slamming the Liberals and the NDP and promising to reduce hydro rates, which got the loudest cheers from the crowd.

In Toronto, Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews said paying for someone else's membership could violate election laws against making secret donations and possibly put someone over the donation cap. It's another controversy for Ford to deal with, but the first he's directly implicated in.

Since she became premier, the fund has helped create or maintain 15,000 jobs in the North, she said.

Horwath said all parties agree the plant can't operate forever. "There's all kinds of accusations of wrongdoing".

As the NDP's popularity appears to rise, so has the attention from its competitors, who have increasingly focused their attacks on the party in recent days. On Friday, the Tories alleged an NDP candidate in east Toronto - Tasleem Riaz - had made offensive comments online, including a post from 2013 quoting Adolf Hitler.

If you want to try having some fun with numbers, then there is this Ontario 2018 Election Simulator where you can enter the province wide vote percentage and it will show you which party will win each seat, because in the end the election's outcome will come down to riding by riding results.