Cardi B, Rita Ora, Charli XCX + Bebe Rexha Deliver on Sexy 'Girls'


But is it as queer as it seems?

Rita Ora's comeback track features trio of unbelievable women. Her long awaited single is finally out and it features trio - Babe Rexha, Charli XCX and our very own rapper and Hip-Hop Queen Cardi B. Read here for details. First, listen for yourself. Bisexuality wasn't as talked about back then, or any type of fluidity.

"I just really wanted to show a side of me that just represents freedom and the belief [that you should] really be what you want to be", Ora says "It's not actually that deep".

Meanwhile, Cardi gets raunchy during her verse while seemingly referencing Rita.

The fourth artist featuring on the song is Albanian native Bebe who the Anywhere hitmaker claims she has always been desperate to work with.

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She added: "I've never felt the need to tell anyone that I'm bisexual".

"It really ended up naturally being four hot chicks and a real natural thing". But every so often there come certain songs with messaging that is just downright tone-deaf, which does more harm than good for the LGBTQ+ community. "But the real message is just about freedom and acceptance, and being what you want to be, and it being OK". "That's just how it's gonna be", Ora said when asked about the lyrics by People magazine. I'm not saying I'm '70/30.' ... "Sometimes, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls/Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls/Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls".

OK, but what does that mean though? The bridge gives a wink-wink-nudge-nudge to oral sex: "She getting down with me, yeah". "I was like, 'Wow, OK, this is really cool; I think this is going somewhere'". "It's time for the girl-power, baby", she said.

"I definitely want it to feel like it's an anthem to somebody". She's clearly stoked about the song and wants it to be a hit, but she isn't exactly rushing to embrace its queer connotations.