Dozens March For Science


Downtown San Diego will be filled with scientists, researchers, teachers and supporters Saturday morning as San Diego's "March for Science" takes place for the second year.

Stacy Smedley, partnerships coordinator for March for Science Seattle, says this year's marches may be even more important than last year's, when rally-goers anxious about how science could be pushed aside under the Trump administration.

Boston was another of the more than 200 cities around the globe that held rallies.

Five speakers addressed the crowd, promoting evidence-based policy and decision-making, and making a case for putting more funding into science and research. "We have to overcome the reality that few or no faculty share our identities or fully understand our situation on campus and how we have to relate back to our communities".

Marches to coincide with the second annual worldwide event were held in Saskatoon and Regina on Saturday.

And, after a year of unprecedented attacks on science, the marchers weren't afraid to get a little political. "The consequences of such harmful conduct are evidenced by social conflicts, dissatisfaction, a general feeling of despondency and growing emigration of people of all age groups", student Dora Bogdanović told the marchers in Split.

A candidate in recent elections for the Zagreb University rector Damir Bakić said that the goal of the march was to defend scientific principles and promote science "given that we are witnessing frequent negation of scientific principles and achievements". This year, events took place from Scandinavia to South America and everywhere in between.

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10-year-old Dakota Shanley, whose stepmother Susan Perkins was a speaker, said she thinks kids should have more science classes in school.

Organisations like the Tamil Nadu Science Forum and Newton Science Club were also part of the organising committee.

In Chennai, the 7 9 a.m. march was organised by the Tamil Nadu chapter of the Breakthrough Science Society.

"Science generates innovation, which generates new economies", he said. "We're building on thriving community of year-round advocates", said Weinberg.

Concerned most about sea-level rise and climate change, Kevin McAllister, founder of the Sag Harbor-based environmental advocacy group Defend H20, said the Long Island march provided an opportunity to display support for science close to home.

Saturday's crowds were notably smaller than those that showed up for the first march in April 2017, but attendees expressed as much optimism and hope as they did previous year.