More than 200000 without power as wind storm continues


According to a release, Dominion says most of the damage is consistent with a wind storm with wires down and broken crossarms, though some isolated areas have seen higher amounts of damage including trees down and broken poles.

Appalachian Power is monitoring the weather closely and has a plan in place to move employees and contractors into areas likely to experience damage and outages from the wind storm by Friday morning.

While the storm could cause outages across the company's entire West Virginia service area, the greatest potential for widespread outages is in Wheeling's service territory.

For now, crews are focusing on emergencies reported by local emergency communication centers and damage to larger lines that power substations and whole communities.

The outages began Thursday night as the wind began and worsened as gusts picked up speed into Friday, reaching 62 miles per hour, knocking down wires, damaging poles and toppling trees onto lines. The high wind warning issued Thursday was updated Friday to extend the wind warning into early Saturday.

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Some flights out of Norfolk International Airport and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport have been canceled.

The Virginia Department of Transportation also has crews responding to numerous calls for fallen trees blocking roads.

Winds took a tree into power lines along Louisa Road around 10 a.m., starting a transformer fire that sparked a brush fire.

The high winds had weakened by Friday evening but were expected to continue through the night. While wind gusts remain dangerously high, crews can not safely make repairs or work from buckets or on poles.

Restoration is expected to be complete by late Sunday night for customers in areas served by the company's Christiansburg, Floyd and Woodlawn service centers.