Juelz Santana flees Newark Airport after TSA finds his gun


Rapper Juelz Santana belatedly realized he can run but he can't hide, because he surrendered to cops after fleeing from Newark International Airport Friday when TSA security found a gun in his carry-on.

The Dipset member was arrested and booked for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled risky substance.

Since the news broke, the Dipset rapper has become the butt of jokes on social media. Carl Cifaldi of the borough police said that no one was home when police arrived.

Santana is expected to appear in federal court later today.

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The rapper was scheduled to perform Saturday night in San Francisco, but the nightclub's host says the performance was canceled. Others are posting hilarious.gifs of Forrest Gump running and the infamous scene of the groundskeeper running in Get Out to show how Santana possibly might have ran out of Newark airport.

He then ran off, and when TSA agents further examined his belongings, they found a Derringer.38-caliber gun, loaded with two bullets, authorities said.

But when James saw that his bag was being scrutizined, he left the airport security area, ditching his luggage, driver's license and boarding pass, and left the airport in a taxi, prosecutors said.

And in 2011, a search of his Bergenfield recording studio turned up two loaded 9mm handguns and 17 bags of suspected marijuana.