Drake and Ninja's 'Fortnite' battle sets a new Twitch record


Original story, March 15: Fortnite is breaking records all over the shop, and last night it checked another one of the list, as Rapper Drake tuned in to play Epic's battle royale alongside streamer Ninja. Albeit the two were actually squadmates in a team of four making the fight against 24 other teams instead of 99 other players.

Drake's livestream drew 628,000 viewers, Twitch said, far outpacing the previous record of 388,000.

Drake and Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevin, were joined in playing the game by rapper Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers football player JuJu Smith-Schuster. This surpassed the previous record by almost double the amount of concurrent viewers that was set by "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" ("PUBG") Dr. Disrespect at 388,000. All the while, he was also dropping extra weapons for his teammates, even reviving Travis Scott at one point. who says "God's Plan".

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Details are still scant at this point, but it sounds like E3 will be home to a doubles tournament that pairs "some of the world's greatest athletes and entertainers with top Fortnite Battle Royale players". He also admitted that he plays during studio downtime, meaning he had quite a lot of practice, for a busy celebrity.

Late Wednesday night, rapper Drake and streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins raked in more than 600,000 concurrent viewers while playing "Fornite" - now the most popular survival co-op shooting game on Twitch - to break the record for the most viewers watching a single-player stream.