United Airlines Refuses To Let Emotional Support Peacock On Flight


And, it turns out, fake emotional support animals have been such a problem for airlines that Delta has had to be quite specific about what animals are not allowed on a flight.

Delta issued its crackdown after a passenger's 70-pound support dog bit another customer in the face.

A United Airlines passenger who tried to take her emotional support peacock with her on a cross-country flight has had the bird turned away by the airline because of health and safety concerns. It wasn't so long ago that a writer for the New Yorker performed a stunt with several animals as a way of demonstrating the ridiculous extremes we've come to when it comes to accommodating support animals.

Photos of the big blue bird were first shared on the Facebook page of The Jet Set TV Show.

The United official added that the airline has nothing against emotional support animals per se - "we know that some customers require an emotional support animal to assist them through their journey" - but there are limits.

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The airline also said it requires passengers to "provide documentation from a medical professional and at least 48 hours' advance notice" before bringing an emotional-support animal onto a flight. "As a flight attendant myself, I've had someone try to board with a pig and a turkey".

Laurie suspects that things have gotten wild ever since the airlines started charging fees for everything from carry-on luggage to pet carriers.

Delta has a specific policy regarding service and support animals.

Still, change could be in the air.

United said in a statement to Business Insider: "This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size".