Russian Federation threat to UK's energy supply could kill 'thousands' says defence secretary


He took a swipe at Williamson's remark by noting that all information concerning the location of British power plants or pipelines was "as secret as the location of Westminster Abbey or the Big Ben".

Moscow voiced concern yesterday at the "aggressive rhetoric" coming from Britain after the defence secretary spoke about Russia's ability to cause death and destruction. "But if it is Britain's General Staff that reports such nonsense to him, then he should start thinking not about ways of increasing the defense budget but checking British military planners for professional aptitude, with a special emphasis on medical exams", Konashenkov explained.

Russian Federation could attack Britain's infrastructure, killing "thousands and thousands and thousands" of people, defence secretary Gavin Williamson has warned.

His claim comes as the UK's Ministry of Defence is trying to ward off spending cuts.

The facility on Unst in the Shetland Islands will improve the RAF and Nato's monitoring of the airspace north of Britain and further out across the Norwegian Sea.

Even though Williamson sounds like an alarmist now considering that if Russian Federation does indeed attack Britain's electricity and gas lifelines, it would immediately be seen as an act of war not only by Britain but by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as a whole.

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It is a "real threat", he added.

The station, which will be ready to operate soon, returns the island to the role it played during the Cold War when it hosted an early warning radar.

The announcement about the Saxa Vord facility comes after Mr Williamson told The Daily Telegraph that Russian Federation was looking at electrical infrastructure "because they are saying, "these are the ways we can hurt Britain".

"The plan for the Russians won't be for landing craft to appear in the South Bay in Scarborough, and off Brighton Beach", said Williamson, who Theresa May appointed defence secretary in November. In a few years time there will be eight million homes that would be dependent.

If Russia attacked any energy line, it could result in "total chaos" in the UK.