North Korea Officials Continue The Inspection Of The Olympics Venues


"We could fight tonight, shoulder to shoulder with the South Koreans, if they're attacked", the defense secretary told reporters en route from Vietnam to Hawaii.

Over the years, Kim Shin-jo has been rehabilitated: The South Koreans deemed that as a soldier, he was merely executing orders.

"Because of the conservatives creating an internal rift in the South, provoking antagonism between compatriots, North-South relations have become complicated and the Winter Olympic Games could turn to shambles", it warned.

The session has drawn criticism from inside and outside South Korea.

The US, however, has imposed new sanctions on North Korea and Chinese firms and individuals that support Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

Defense Secretary James Mattis is stressing the importance of diplomacy when it comes to North Korea, just one day after south Korea's top diplomat called a military solution unacceptable. A Russian embassy official insisted his country does not buy coal from North Korea or facilitate shipments to third-party buyers. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has confirmed his attendance as has United States Vice President Mike Pence.

Israel to sell second-hand F-16 fighter jets to Croatia
Israeli officials stated that Netanyahu and Plenković also discussed the expansion of bilateral ties in economy, security, water, agriculture, academia and tourism.

North Korea has frequently responded to the exercises - and similar drills held by the allies in the fall - with missile tests and a stream of bellicose rhetoric. North Korea is capable of sending missiles to the U.S. mainland, but whether it has the technology to protect the warhead during re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere remains unclear.

It is one of a dwindling number of North Korean cash sources not specifically targeted by worldwide sanctions. Both leaders are expected to meet with South Korean President Jae In Moon.

South Korean Foreign Minister Kyung Wha Kang is now in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

The exchange came a day after South Korea's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said the standoff over North Korea's nuclear program must be resolved diplomatically, and added that she was certain Washington would consult her government first if a military option were to be considered. There South Korean officials are hosted a "PyeongChang night" in Davos, inviting more than 500 worldwide officials, according to the Korea Herald.

A Seoul official said on Sunday that South Korea asked the North to supply power for the cultural event, but Pyongyang replied that it can not ensure a stable power supply for the facilities built by South Korea.

The nation's participation in the Winter Olympic Games is said to be part of a bid to boost its economy, sources allege.