Israel to sell second-hand F-16 fighter jets to Croatia


He called on leaders to use the opportunity created by Trump's declaration, while repeatedly reiterating that Israel will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria.

Netanyahu is also likely to address Iran's continued aggressive expansion throughout the Middle East, the Iranian nuclear issue and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli officials stated that Netanyahu and Plenković also discussed the expansion of bilateral ties in economy, security, water, agriculture, academia and tourism.

He clarified Israel's commitment to prevent this nuclearization and reiterated his opinion that it is necessary to deal with the flaws in the agreement.

"Real" rather than "cosmetic" changes to the Iranian nuclear deal topped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's agenda in meetings with heads of state at the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland on Wednesday.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Will Finally Take HomePod Orders Beginning On Friday
Apple says the voice-powered device will work with Apple Music , giving access to one of the largest music libraries in the world. Further, the HomePod is tagged at $349 which is pricey compared to the smart speakers already available in the market.

A meeting between Netanyahu and William McDermott, CEO of software company SAP, produced an agreement on a five-year, 1-billion-shekel digital health-care project for Israel, Globes reported.

Regarding the Palestinian issue - the Palestinians want Europe to replace the USA as the lead mediator in the diplomatic process - Netanyahu, according to a statement put out by his office, said he will "not compromise on Israel's security needs in any future agreement".

The meeting with the Guatemalan finance minister, meanwhile, comes within the context of Guatemala's decision last month to follow the USA lead and also move its capital Jerusalem.

For the Palestinians, the right for descendants to return to homes they either fled or were forced out of is a prerequisite for any peace agreement with Israel, but it is a demand the Jewish state has rejected out of hand.

"It's a complete distortion", he said.