DOJ tells Nunes release of memo would be 'reckless'


A House intelligence committee vote on whether to release the document publicly, Boyd said, would "require ... members to vote on a staff-drafted memorandum that purports to be based on classified source materials that neither you nor a lot of them have seen".

In general, the memo is about government agencies abusing the FISA courts and surveillance during the 2016 election. "I would think it would never happen in a country that loves freedom and democracy like this country".

"Conservative Republicans are increasingly calling for the document's release after first declaring it should remain classified", the Post reported, though Republicans voted unanimously to release the document to fellow members and are seeking to release it to the public. Even though any reasonable reading of the messages shows the two doing anything but trying to subvert Trump - not to mention the fact that we aren't reading whatever texts were sent by the thousands of other people who work at the Federal Bureau of Investigation - each message is examined with Talmudic care to find its hidden meanings and subtle implications, in the desperate hope that some ill will toward Trump might be found.

Ryan sits passively by as Russian bots help hype the release of a memo based on Nunes' unfounded speculation.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders rejected to immediately say if the Trump administration supports publishing the Nune's memo but stated that they surely back up total transparency, Sanders also said that.

The Justice Department has warned Republican Congressman Devin Nunes against releasing a memo that claims to show surveillance power abuses.

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And I say reportedly because, as you said, this memo is classified. Rep. Adam B. Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, called the Republicans' document extraordinarily misleading.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr's staff has not been given access to a classified memo drafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a sign of how closely House Republicans are guarding allegations of Justice Department wrongdoing over surveillance activities in the Russian Federation investigation.

"The Mystery of the Missing Texts" is just another example of Trump defenders "pushing out the battiest conspiracy theories they can concoct in an effort to discredit Mueller", writes GQ's Jay Willis. "Furthermore, there were no limitations placed on disseminating this information, and we will continue to fulfill our oversight responsibilities in accordance with House rules". Almost 200 Republican House members have read the Nunes memo in a secure location in the Capitol, but only a dozen Democrats have done so. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, told CNN's Manu Raju on Thursday that "it's a real possibility" that the "secret society" text was exchanged in jest. In what seems to have become a pattern, senators on and off the intelligence panel were cautious Wednesday when asked about the memo controversy on the House side.

If you haven't been following this story, some of the strands that have absolutely consumed the right will sound unfamiliar and even ludicrous.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a speech in Norfolk, Va., Friday that Justice Department "don't see criticism from Congress as a bad thing", but that "while we are open to fair criticism, we will of course defend our investigators and prosecutors from criticism that is unfair".