Complete guide to everything we know about Vince McMahon's revived XFL


Many people were excited by WWE CEO Vince McMahon's announcement that the XFL, a football league that attempts to add unusual elements, would be coming back in 2020.

One of the main problems with the ill-fated previous XFL was timing - the first games were played a year after the concept was announced. It's also shown weakness in recent years, with viewing and commercial spending declining.

"I have an opinion on where the company will go", Ross said in an interview with Business Insider.

Instead, McMahon boasts shorter game times and an arena where players can not have criminal records or make personal stand regarding social issues on the playing field.

The XFL was a spectacular financial failure in its first run, losing McMahon and United States television broadcaster NBC a reported US$70 million.

Speaking to TMZ on Thursday, Lewis said he thinks the league is making a mistake by not accepting players with criminal records and forcing participants to stand for the national anthem.

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At the same time, the gimmicks that came with the first league - races for possession, no fair catches, those cheerleaders - will not be following McMahon this time around.

McMahon is aiming for the relaunched product to kick off in 2020.

"I think this, that one of the things, when I said the quality of the human being is very important", McMahon said.

Per ESPN, McMahon's league will not allow any player with a criminal record. Yes, because Alpha Entertainment is going to own all the teams and there will be players and coaches who will sign up. I know that was a challenge that went unfulfilled, didn't succeed at it, and maybe there's something to be said about his competitive nature. Hundreds of thousands of football fans have pledged to boycott the NFL because of the league's policy regarding the national anthem. And many of those people have started listing changes to the XFL they'd like to see.

He says unlike last time, there will be no crossover with the WWE brand and the focus will be on giving fans an entertaining brand of football.